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A Letter from the Chairman taken from our

Cut-A-Way number 58 issued September 2018

It seems illogical for someone who is not too interested in canals, waterways and boating in general to become Chairman of a Canal Association.  However, I am enthusiastic and dedicated about enjoying my local environment, its restoration and its history. I believe it provides a glimpse of the past to those who are not really looking too hard and a reminder of how much has changed in just a lifetime.

Our canal is one of those things that if left to its own devices would soon be lost to all. Many in North Kent are unaware or too busy to appreciate what we have; this I hope to change by making it more user friendly and promoting what we do and why we do it.

To this end we have put in an application which although it will not provide extra cash will promote the canal and our work via the North West Kent Countryside Organisation and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

As a result, it is hoped that various local groups will give their services to improve publicity via facebook and web sites, with emphasis on history, wildlife,walks, talks and information.  So if this application is successful and provides half of ‘what it says on the tin’ then we can look forward to a growing association, bringing in new members.

The Canal is a local amenity which can be used by all for a wide variety of interests from Archaeology to Zoology and a multitude of ‘ologies’ in between.  Having had responsibility thrust upon me I shall endeavour to do my best to continue the interests and work of those who have had this job before.

Dave Parnell

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