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Letter from the Chairman taken from our latest

Cut-A-Way number 57 issued April 2018

As I sit at my desk with 4” of snow at my front door and attempts at working on the canal beyond the actions of safety conscious people, I contemplate the endeavours of the last six months.

‘Never count your chickens...’ is an adage we all know well, and there is some truth in it.

It seemed that most of last year was taken up with attempts at discussions with Network Rail or their contractors. As Christmas approached some of the tribulations were being resolved and we felt we had a clear way in front of us.  The TP  bridge situation appeared to be being resolved and the arrival of our licence to work on the canal was possibly on the horizon.

Then recently, the Site manager of Nuralite approached the TMCA with a view to improving the condition of the canal that is part of Nuralite Property. Discussions are at early stages but look to be moving in a positive direction.

Meanwhile, the Vista was being cleared, and the Swing Bridge area regularly litter picked and the build up of weed gradually being removed from the water around the Swing Bridge itself. Things were looking up.

However new challenges awaited......…

David Rouse