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Letter from the Chairman taken from our latest

Cut-A-Way number 53 issued December 2016

The celebratory lunch made us all think very hard.

In those earlier days Working Parties were held every six weeks on a Sunday. This was because we were all employed and only could attend on Sunday.  Every six weeks, because we ‘only’ had access to short sections at Gravesend as the Safetyfence limited the number of volunteers who could work ‘at the coal face’.

Alternatively we worked at Higham reed clearing, using machines loaned to us by Denton Plant Hire.  Weekly digs would have been out of the question, but much was achieved by active young volunteers.  There was also the problem of British Rail who tried hard to stop us gaining access to their property and had to be placated following almost every dig.

We now have senior, not so active, volunteers who try their hardest and, as Brian M always said ‘You can see where they’ve been’.  

Attitudes have also changed greatly during those years and now people don’t volunteer unless they can see results quickly.  We need to find some way of transferring the spark of enthusiasm that we all had in the 1970s and 80s and igniting it in the younger generation.  

We are often congratulated by walkers and cyclists on our efforts as they pass by, and, although we talk to them and give them leaflets, so far none recently have stayed to help. Maybe when we have water and boats in the canal we may be able to attract more focused interest.


In the meantime I wish all members a very enjoyable Christmas period.

David Rouse

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